African Musicians, London: Save the Congo and War Child charities’ campaigns

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Femi Kuti Musicians from different parts of Africa performed in London in support of the Save the Congo and War Child charities’ campaigns. The line-up of the Africa Unplugged concert included Nigerian superstar Femi Kuti.

  • Eddie Kadi The host of the show was stand-up comedian Eddie Kadi who was born in the DR Congo and moved to the UK when he was a child.

  • Zahara South Africa’s singer and poet Zahara delighted the crowds with songs from her debut album Loliwe which has become one of the most successful records in her country in recent years. She was one of the few women performing at the Africa Unplugged concert.

  • 2Face Idibia Nigeria’s 2Face Idibia’s song African Queen was one of the big hits of the night and many people in the audience seemed to know it by heart. The songwriter and actor is also well known in his country for his philanthropic work.

  • Big screen at the Wembley Arena According to the organisers, one of the goals of the show was to raise awareness of the fact that the conflict in DR Congo is related to the control of minerals. This photo is of one of the big screens at the Wembley Arena, where the concert took place.

  • Big screen at the Wembley Arena The presidents of DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda – Joseph Kabila, Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni, respectively – were accused of benefiting from the conflict.

  • Public The show, which was advertised as the “largest African concert in Europe ever”, did not include any musicians from north Africa and several sub-Saharan countries with an important musical tradition – such as Mali and Senegal – were not represented.

  • Winky D However the public loved most of the performances, which were full of fun and energy, including that of Zimbabwean reggae artist Winky D. Home Page

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