How Often Do Women Really Cheat? 4 years ago 20

Alleged adulterers like Ashton Kutcher, Jesse James and Kobe Bryant all make it seem like men are dogs and cheat more often than women.

But don’t kid yourself. Women are quickly catching up in the game of infidelity, and the new research might surprise you.

The numbers are hard to pin down, as these types of surveys live by the honesty policy, but research found that roughly 20-25% of men have cheated,  compared to about 15-20% of women. Other polls cite a much higher percentage, with as many as 50% of married women saying they’ve engaged in extramarital activities.

While men tend to do it for the sex, women hunger for emotional satiation.

It’s usually the sign of a bigger problem when someone cheats, but women, more than men, tend to look elsewhere for fulfillment when they don’t feel desired, understood or appreciated. There are also the thrill-seekers, who love the adrenaline rush and adventure when things have gotten stale at home.

Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that women cheat just as much as men do, so don’t assume anyone is innocent. Home Page

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