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The Best Jeans For Your Shape

The Best Jeans For Your Shape

Expert picks the most flattering fits and styles for most body types.

The Best Jeans For Your Shape

If You Have a Tummy…

Select a moderate rise, which is about eight to nine inches from crotch to waist. The waistband should hit just below your belly button, so that it will cover your stomach and rein in the problem area. Also look for a wide waistband and a bit of stretch (roughly 2 percent); both will provide a subtle, girdlelike effect.

If You Have an Hourglass Figure…

The curvier you are, the more you need jeans that are cut higher in the back to fit over your seat and keep you covered. Also, since an hourglass shape is known for a small waist, look for a contoured waistband (you’ll notice a seam that indicates the waistband was cut on a curve and sewn together instead of being one piece of fabric); this will help reduce gaping.

If You Have Full Hips and Thighs…

Look for a contoured waist and a higher rise in the back than in the front. And the front rise shouldn’t be less than eight inches. The waistband should hit at the hipbone or the belly button. This way, it won’t cut into the body at the widest spot. To hold in and slim the thighs, opt for a rigid fabric that has no more than 2 percent stretch.

If You Have a Straight Figure…

Anything goes in terms of rises and styles―this body type can get away with low-riders, high-waisted cuts, light washes, and heavily distressed treatments. But for jeans that flatter best, stick with a pair that has a slimmer, tighter fit and a waistband that runs (relatively) straight across the middle. If the waistband is curved too much, it can create unflattering spillage. 

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