“Help, My Husband Refuses To Wear Wedding Ring on His Finger” 4 years ago 3

Hello readers.

I want to ask for your suggestion on the problem I have with my hubby. We have been married for over a decade now. When we got married,we both had wedding rings as usual, but after some years he told me that his ring was giving him problems on the finger and suggested to have it changed.

I waited for him to find something that would be comfortable for him but I saw time was passing. I got curious as to why he was not giving the issue much attention. He finally told me that a ring does not have any significant meaning, and that it was not necessary for him to be wearing one. I have tried to tell him how important it is to me for him to wear a ring which symbolises our union, but he doesn’t seem to get my view.

What I think is that he doesn’t want people to know that he is married and that he must be womanising. I have been troubled over this issue for sometime now and I don’t seem to know the way forward. I would appreciate your opinion on the matter.

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