Anti Terrorist Squad Frisk Vehicles In Abuja 4 years ago 6

An anti-terrorist squad yesterday took over control of the Airport road military check point and used sniffer dogs to check all vehicles going into the Nigeria’s capital, Abuja.

The dog’s handler, leading it by the leash went round  each vehicle as dog sniffed for signs of explosives or weapons.

This laborious process made the road almost impassible as endless queues of vehicles snaked back for several kilometers.

The search by the police counter terrorist team began in the morning, trapping passengers going into town from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport as well as thousands of commuters coming into Abuja from the southern part of the country.

The police did not disclose what they were looking for. A source said the exercise was conducted based on ‘intelligence tip off.’

Hundreds of people got to their places of work late after spending hours in the traffic jam. One driver said the search was unusual and if it continued, many civil servants won’t get to their offices in time for the day’s work..

The police spokeswoman in Abuja deputy superintendent Doris England was not available for comment after several phone calls. She also did not respond to text messages sent to her phone on the matter. Home Page

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