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Bonding with Family is Odedo's Pastime

Bonding with Family is Odedo's Pastime

Bonding with Family is Odedo's Pastime

Honourable Chinwendu Charles Odedo from Idemili North and South Federal Constituency area of Anambra State, bonds with his family - his only getaway from politics.

The medication for chaotic politics is spending quality time with family, says Hon. Chinwendu Charles Odedo, representing Idemili North and South Federal Constituency area of Anambra State. As member, House Committee on FCT Area Councils, Communications, and Cooperation & Integration in Africa Housing & Habitat Legislative Compliance in the House of Representatives, Odedo has a handful of assignments that eat significantly even into his private time.

Odedo was first elected into the House of Representative in 2007 on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). But by 2011, events culminating in the election of that year had changed considerably and PDP was no longer a home for him. Consequently, he pitched tent with the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) where he sought and secured his re-election into the House for the second time.

Odedo, notwithstanding where he was coming from, believes in ACN’s internal democracy and vowed never to return to PDP. “I have left that party for good.”

But toeing such a hard path comes with demanding responsibility, especially the need to deliver on promises. This is particularly not a child’s play in Anambra where politics is hectic. Much as he believes he has never faltered in his promises, Odedo sees the need to balance the hard work with relaxation. This is why whenever he is not playing politics, he shares his time with his family.

“I have five children, three boys and two girls and whenever I am not playing politics, I move around with them. I like village setting, if I am in the village, most of the time I take my family round so that they know their root and also ensure that they speak the Igbo language fluently. I also like travelling, sometimes to the village while other times, outside the country. But most of the time, I play long tennis.”

However, when he is not playing politics, Odedo creates time to give back to the people of his constituency. That, in a way, relaxes him. “I have a book I called my stewardship. We have achieved a lot in the last four years, most especially, on the empowerment programm, we have achieved a lot. We have established and expanded the businesses of our constituents.”

Highlighting few of his achievements, Odedo said: “I represent Idemili North/South Federal Constituency in the National Assembly and it is one of the biggest, if not the biggest in Anambra State, and I have projects going on in all the 17 communities in my constituency.

“I have given out about 43 vehicles, over 150 motorcycles, some sewing machines and people have also received cash to expand poultry and other businesses. I have been helping people before I joined politics. My entering into politics was made easier as we all know that politics is very difficult in Nigeria and tougher in Anambra State.

“When I joined politics, I had already started giving people scholarship. In fact, we are only two that survived the last general election out of all the members that represented Anambra State in the House of Representatives and of course, I left PDP for ACN and even with that, my people still voted me,” he said.

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