Floods kill 10, displace 20,000 after dam opened 4 years ago 0

Flooding in Adamawa state, has killed at least 10 people and displaced an estimated 20,000 following heavy rains and the release of water from a dam in neighbouring Cameroon, an official said Monday.

“The flooding swept away more than 40 villages and killed at least 10 people while many others are still missing,” said Shadrach Daniel, head of the emergency management agency in Nigeria’s Adamawa state, where the flooding occurred.

“There are now around 20,000 displaced people sheltering in temporary camps who are in dire need of basic provisions like food, water, clothing and blankets.”

He said water was recently released from the Lagdo dam in neighbouring Cameroon after officials there warned Nigeria several weeks ago. The opening of the dam led to flooding along the Benue River in Nigeria.

“The people along the Benue River were advised to leave but did not heed the warning,” he said.

“Thousands of hectares of crops and homes were destroyed in the flooding. We have started a situation assessment to see how best we can assist the affected people.” Home Page

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