"My Friend Died While In Labor 4 Months Ago & I’m Interested In Her Husband"

Two years ago, I met this incredible young lady, and let’s just call her ‘Tina.’ We became friends and got along really well. She met this amazing guy and they decided to get married.

Tina made me her maid of honor on her wedding day. Things were really good, and then she became pregnant mid last year. Unfortunately, she died in January this year as she was giving birth. She didn’t even get the chance to see her son, but fortunately the baby survived.

Now, here is the story: I have been hanging around the husband a lot, and on a friendship basis. He has been really nice to me, and I think I’m developing feelings for him. I think about him all the time, and I’m beginning to see him in a new light. He is so nice, and would actually make perfect husband material.

I cannot see myself with any other man except for him. But, the other problem is he still talks about his wife a lot, maybe it’s because it’s just been four months. But, I have been dropping hints of interest and he is not even noticing. I also believe I can be a good mother to the child.

Some people believe that going after your friend’s man is a Big NO-NO. But, what if she is dead! Is it still a Big NO-NO?

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