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Uduaghan warns opposition, journalists

Uduaghan warns opposition, journalists

Delta State Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan on Tuesday, warned critics of his administration to desist.

The governor, who spoke at Ekrejeta, Abraka, during the Democracy Day thanksgiving, noted that he had so far declined to be firm with members of the opposition and journalists in the state because of his belief in the transience of power.

He said, “The governor has many powers; he can do whichever thing he likes. The governor has powers to demolish any house and he has power to even kill, whatever you can think of.

“But when he leaves office, all the powers are gone. I have not used up to ten per cent of my powers.”

He added, “If I have to use my powers, many people talking now will not talk, even the journalists won’t be writing what they write now.

“But the power is being used cautiously.

“I can sit and do anything and get away with it humanly, but not with God.”

The governor assured the people of the state that his administration remained focused on bringing development to the state.

He said, “I have been looking at critical beneficial areas of future developments. We are celebrating today due to God’s kindness.”

Citing the Rwandan experience, Uduaghan noted that hatred would lead to destruction.

He also called on government officials to use the remaining days in office to change the lives of the people of the state.

He said, “We have been trying to develop the state, in Agriculture, Education and Transportation.

“We need the spirit of unity, everybody cannot love you. There are some here who do not like me.”

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