My Children Are The Greatest Things That Happened To Me In This Life And I Appreciate Their Mothers –Tuface Idibia 4 years ago 3

Innocent Idibia, aka Tuface, has had a chequered music career, no doubt. Apart from being highly sought-after by local and international promoters, as well as corporate brand managers across Africa, he is the darling of millions of music lovers in Nigeria.











But the multiple-award winning singer has also had his fair share of attacks from armed robbers, and unsavoury comments from members of the public who have not been positively disposed to his escapades.

In spite of the personal losses accruing from the chain of unpleasant events in his life, Tuface has emerged even stronger and more confident.

“I have been through a lot and I have learnt my lessons. Now, I am wiser than some old men. Honestly, at the peak of my trials, life almost ceased to mean anything to me. The negative publicity would have killed me and my music career. But it made me stronger, wiser, and a better person,” says Tuface.

“I want to encourage other Nigerians through my songs to learn from me. I am not a saint and I am not the devil either. Whatever experience I had was meant to prepare me for greatness in life,” he adds, smiling in his usual boyish manner.

And to those who still frown on his relationship with the opposite sex, he says, “My children are the greatest things that happened to me in this life and I appreciate their mothers.” Home Page

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