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When you are in a relationship, naturally you want your significant other to treat you right.

Hopefully, he already does that, but if he doesn’t, you may be wondering what to do to change his behavior. Follow these steps to get your significant other to treat you right.


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      Remember that relationships aren’t always easy, and they sometimes need attention and work. Make sure that you are committed to this relationship and making it work. If you and your significant other both want the relationship to last and want to improve the way you interact, continue to Step 2.

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      Look at how you treat your partner. Remember that nobody is going to treat someone right when they aren’t getting what they need in the relationship either. This doesn’t mean that you are to serve your partner day and night and do every little thing that she asks, but it does mean that you should treat her as you would want to be treated.

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      Learn how to communicate and discuss any issues that you currently have in your relationship. It might be necessary that you see a counselor that specializes in marriage and other relationships to help you with this step. It’s important that you stay calm when discussing anything.

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      Compliment your significant other on a regular basis and point out things that he does that you like and make you feel loved. Show your partner how happy he makes you. If he does something that you don’t like, consider how important it really is before you say something. Try to let the little things slide.

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      Do things to make your partner feel special. Even small things like a 5-minute foot rub, asking her if she needs your help with something or taking the time to thank her for being so good to you, will make her feel appreciated. All of these things will improve your relationship and your partner, in turn, will begin to treat you right.

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      Be patient. If your relationship is a little rough right now, it might take some time for you to both mend hurt feelings and learn how to communicate effectively. Home Page

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