Danish Exhibition Displayed Couples Having Sex As Art

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An exhibition in Silkeborg, Denmark, showed real people having sex in the gallery.

A gallery in Silkeborg attempted to tackle the taboo of sexuality with an exhibition featuring two people having sex.

According to theatre instructor Michael Iversen, the genius behind the project, the goal of the exhibition was to convey the natural beauty of human reproduction.

“I’ve created the exhibition to show the world that I think sex is a beautiful, natural and splendid aspect of being human and alive,” Iversen said.

“We want to illustrate something about purity and the human point of origin, which is what human reproduction is,” Anne Poulsen, project’s leader, said.

“The exhibition has emanated from this paradox. The porn industry is massive while there are so many who have difficulty dealing with their own sexuality,” added Iversen. “There is porn everywhere, but there is another part which is pure, natural and beautiful.”

Ironically though, Iversen has needed porn actors to complete his work of art.

The “Devoid of Shame” exhibition was a one-time event and could be seen at Galleri Kunstcentrum in Silkeborg on Thursday, August 23 from 19:00 to 22:00.

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