State Police: Northern Elder, LawaL Kaita Highlights Inherent Dangers 4 years ago 3


A prominent northern elder and politician, Alhaji Lawal Kaita on Thursday voiced out his opposition to the agitation for the creation of state police insisting that the country is not yet ripe for such.

“I don’t support it because I know it will be abused by the state leaders who would want to exploit the situation to their fullest advantage, especially in conflict situations, it will also be used to settle political and personal scores.”

Speaking with reporters in Katsina, Alhaji Kaita described the controversy and debate the issue of state police is generating as interesting but dangerous because to him there is no indication that the nation can manage state police efficiently without deploying them for other purposes.

He argued: “Before state police can be created, there should be state prison services because 90 percent of criminal cases result from laws made by states but about 70 percent of such criminals are remanded in federal prisons.”

Kaita explained that creating state police in such a situation will be very difficult to manage in the country, insisting: “There is no need of that matter now; it’s supposed to be a closed chapter.”

Speaking further, Kaita said: “It could be a wasteful investment since you still need to have federal police, which will take care of national security while the state police handle local security because of their limited jurisdiction”.

He argued that in some advanced countries like the United States of America and United Kingdom that practice state police, “they also have a national police that take care of national security bearing in mind the limitations of the state police.” Home Page

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