Red Wine In Moderation Prevents Heart Disease - Nutritionist

Red Wine In Moderation Prevents Heart Disease - Nutritionist

A nutritionist based in Abuja, Ms Ngozi Eze, has advised that moderate and regular intake of  red wine, at least a glass per day, could prevent heart disease.

Eze told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday, that such practice has a lower risk of heart attack.

According to her, one glass of red wine is equivalent to 142 calories of a meal, which is the recommended amount of calories per meal, is okay.

`` Moderate intake of red wine protects one against stroke as well as growth of cancer cells, ``she added.

She said that certain substances known as antioxidants were found in red wine that helps prevent heart diseases.

``These antioxidant increase the level of good cholesterol and protect one against blood vessel damage. Antioxidants are molecule compounds that repair cells damage caused by harmful oxygen,’’ she added.

Eze said moderate consumers of wine have lower levels of protein fibrinogen which promotes blood clot formation, saying that red wine produced anti-clotting or anti-thrombotic action.

NAN reports that recent research suggests that moderate daily intake of red wine (22-32 g of alcohol) have a protective effect on all-cause mortality.

According to studies, moderate consumption of wine is more beneficial than that of beer or spirits to the heart.

Red wine, with or without alcohol, a study says decreases the harmful effect of smoking on the endothelium - layer of cells that provides a friction-reducing lining in lymph vessels, blood vessels, and the heart.

Reportas also showed that excessive alcohol consumption was generally considered a risk factor for hypertension.

However, there is some evidence of favourable effects of red wine on blood pressure.

``Two glasses of red wine (250 ml), taken together with the meal, lower post-meal blood pressure in hypertensive persons,’’ the report said.

It was also discovered by recent health report that red wine benefits were gleaned from resveratrol.

Resveratrol is anantioxidant property, which can break down dangerous free radicals. It is present in many plants and plant products, especially in red grape skins.

A good diet should be rich in resveratrol, according to the report.

 Resveratrol can be found naturally in red wine, grape juice, peanuts, the skin of grapes and other dark fruits, such as cranberries and blueberries.

Also a research released earlier this year, suggests that red wine can lead to a longer life.

That red wine and resveratrol have also been linked to good heart health and to inhibiting the spread of a number of human cancer lines, such as breast, thyroid, prostate, colon and stomach cancers.


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