My Girlfriend Cheated On Me, Must I Let Her Go? 4 years ago 7

I met this beautiful girl over a year ago and we ended up going out. I fell in love with her.

We got to the point where we saw each other every day and basically did everything together. No girl had ever shown as much interest in me as she did. After going out for 5 months, I went out of town for 2 weeks. When I got back, a guy friend of hers, who used to date her years ago, told me he kissed her when I was out of town and that he was sorry about it.

I confronted my girlfriend about it and she told me that it was true, and that she was sorry. She said that it was wrong to even have had him over in the first place. I was hurt and I broke up with her. After a couple of weeks, I decided that I had overreacted and went back to her.

Things were great after we got back together, and we communicated more than ever. We had a great relationship for about 6 more months, when one night we had a really long talk. She confessed that she had had sex with a guy (someone different from the one she kissed) about 2 months after we started going out. She said she didn’t feel emotionally close to me yet at that time, and felt that I was just going to break up with her soon anyway because that’s what every other guy has done to her. She also said that she didn’t really like this other guy either.

She said that having sex with him was her way of hurting me before I had a chance to hurt her. She said that after a while, when she saw I wasn’t like the other guys, she felt bad about what she had done, but didn’t want to lose me by telling me. She said she was telling me now because she has changed and felt she needed to be completely honest and open with me.

Despite what she said, I couldn’t get over the fact that she had cheated on me twice. I broke up with her a few days later, and now we have been broken up for about a month. She calls me all the time, telling me to come back, saying she has truly changed and has integrity now. I have also noticed that she doesn’t lie to her friends like she used to. I love her and want to go back to her, but I don’t want to be deceived again. Should I trust her and go back to her, or should I move on? Home Page

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