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CAN President Oritsejafor says terrorists are cowards

CAN President Oritsejafor says terrorists are cowards



THE Christian Association of Nigeria CAN President Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor Wednesday came down hard on the dreaded Islamic sects Boko Haram describing them as bunch of cowards just as he alleged that top security personnel’s have sympathy for their ungodly activities.

He equally declared that there was no basis for government to dialogue with the faceless group which had been terrorising the nation in a desperate bid to make her an Islamic nation 

Pastor Oritsejafor spoke with newsmen in Akure after an Extra-ordinary Council Meeting of the National Executive Council of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

According to him “”The Boko Haram people are bunch of cowards they go to churches to shoot people that are not armed. If they think that they are strong they should go to places where the people they are going to attack are also armed.

“They should go and face people that are armed not people that are not armed. They are bunch of cowards who kill innocent people that are not armed.

The CAN President who equally reads political undertone to the insecurity in the country said that top security chiefs are religious fanatics who aid and abet the youths to kill innocent people under the guise of religion.

The security chief according to him “”are more loyal to their Islamic religion than the cooperate existence of Nigeria.

He pointed out that the security chief leak security information to the Islamic sects hence the problem in tracking and curtailing their activities.

On the proposed dialogue with the sects, Pastor Oritsejafor declared that while he is not opposed to dialogue to solve issues but said that dialogue with the religious fanatics was out of it as they have not hidden their agenda of Islamising the country.

“”I do not understand what they would be talking about. What are they going to discuss its puzzling. I see a total religious fundamentalism in the whole episode. If there should be a dialogue there should be a basis.

“”If you are talking of dialogue and the same sect of people are still killing innocent souls so what is the basis. To me there is no basis for dialogue.

“”The religious leaders, sheiks and Imams should  educate the  youths on the need to drop their arms and stop teaching them doctrines that would divide this nation.

Oritsejafor alleged that youths in the Northern states are been taught wrong doctrines to Islamised the country.

He however asked Christians to continue to watch and pray adding that those out to make the country ungovernable for the President would not succeed.

The CAN President challenged President Goodluk Jonathan to expose if he knows those sponsoring insurgences across the Country.




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