Yakowa: Muslims, Christians Being Instigated To Violence 4 years ago 3

Kaduna State Governor Patrick Yakowa yesterday said that both Christians and Muslims in the state are peace loving people, but that they are being instigated by “conspirators”.

Speaking through his adviser on Christian Matters, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, the governor said, “You can see how our people in the state share food with one another. It shows that they love one another. The crises that are being experienced in the state are not religious, but always instigated by conspirators”.

He said the “conspirators” are members of both religions.

“Everyone in Kaduna wants peace, but conspirators are the problem. They are members of both religions. They aim is to destabilize the state. They go to members of both religious and lie to them. We are calling on the people of Kaduna to reject these people whenever they come with rumours.

"Yakowa is a man of peace, he is a sincere leader. He believes that everyone was created by God for a purpose. If you go to Southern Kaduna, they say Yakowa is favouring the Northern part. If you go to the Northern part, they say he is supporting the Southern part. But the governor has a focus, which is to carry everyone along. His aim is to secure, unite and develop the state. Kaduna is a place where people of different tribes want to live,” he said. Home Page

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