My Mum Beat Me, Cut My Hair For Going Into Acting – Foluke Daramola 4 years ago 4

Foluke Daramola, one of Nigeria’s foremost cross-over actresses, recently revealed that at the outset of her flourishing career, her mother, a widow, was not comfortable with it because of her aversion for negative publicity.











Her mother’s philosophy was that with the media, you had no private life of your own; all eyes, including that of your enemies, would be on you.

The beloved mother of this busty actress, Mrs Aderonke Daramola, a reverend, had lost her husband and was left to fend for four kids.

Though young and attractive, she refused to re-marry maintaining that marriage to another man would not give her the time to take ample care of her children. “The sacrifice was not for her late husband but for her kids. So, she wanted to protect us by all means,” Folake comments on this weekend’s edition of the Celebrity Supermom show.

Foluke also stated that her mom was infuriated when she discovered that her beloved daughter had started acting at a most impressionable age. “My mum is a very conservative person and so never wanted any unnecessary attention and bad comments about any of her children. She would always say you’re not born to do this thing, I don’t want you to do it,” she narrated.

When Mrs. Aderonke Daramola realised that her daughter was acting behind her back, she beat her up and even cut her hair. As the years went by however, with acting making Foluke famous around the neighbourhood and beyond, Mrs. Daramola’s steely resolve began to soften. But she made her promise never to go nude on screen or worship another god except the Almighty God. She has kept to her promises. Home Page

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