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Nollywood Industry is replete with many men and women of impeccable characters. In most cases, they are resilient and bubbling with energy to pursue whatever they do with their vigour.










One actress who has amply displayed these rare qualities is the sultry actress, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry.

You may wonder where she gets the energy and will power to cope with the herculean task of motherhood and fulfilling the obligation of making her fans happy. It’s so simple; hear her, “I give my home a priority because, if the home is not right, my fans cannot get the best out of me. And for the home, I have a very understanding hubby who loves me even to a fault and treats me like a jewel of inestimable value. I cope very well, when I am leaving the home a happy woman, my job, no doubt, will get the best of me.” You have heard it all, the best of Mercy is not yet come; only the sky is her limit.

Since she became an actress in an industry so many jostle to surpass one another, she has been able to hold ground firmly. In the industry today, many of her colleagues both established and upcoming ones all testify to her generosity, philanthropy, large heart and grand standing in the Nollywood without fear or favour.

Mercy, as she is fondly called, is so devoid of tribalistic or any form of sentiment that, even other people in Nollywood are genuinely proud of. Her recent movie, Osas- Omoge Benin, is rated to be one of the best ever shot this year with a good storyline, plot and choice of location. Home Page

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