Sallah Salaries For Civil Servants 4 years ago 7

President Goodluck Jonathan’s directive that all federal civil servants should receive their August salaries between Friday, August 17 and Saturday, August 18 was made in bad faith.

How would salaries be prepared and cheques issued within the two days? Ordinarily, it takes banks not less than five working days to clear cheques; would the banks circumvent their rules to obey this directive?

Why for instance did the President not give the directive two weeks ago to give the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation ample chance to prepare and pay the salaries?

How many banks work on Saturdays and public holidays? Was a similar directive not given earlier this year by President Jonathan to the effect that salaries for civil servants should be paid on or before the 21st of every month, to placate them after the anti-subsidy riots of January 2012?

Nigerians can’t be deceived any more. The directive was nothing but a farce! Home Page

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