Why opposition must unite against PDP– ANPP 4 years ago 1

All Nigerian Peoples Party has urged the opposition parties to unite in order to stop President Goodluck Jonathan from seeking re-election in 2015.

The National Chairman of ANPP, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, made the call on Thursday in Abuja.

However, Onu said the leaders of the opposition parties were aware that it won’t be easy stopping Jonathan.

Asked whether the opposition parties would be able to forget their individual ambition this time around when such alliances had failed in the past, he said yes.

Onu said, “We should not be pessimistic. We cannot say because such an alliance had failed in the past, we should now fold our arms and allow the PDP to mess up the country.

“Yes, it (the alliance) is difficult, but we are not disturbed by such difficulties. We want to build trust and confidence and that is why we are meeting ahead of time.

“It is in the interest of the nation that we succeed in the alliance talk. The current situation should not be allowed to continue.”

The former governor said the chairmen of the opposition parties would continue to meet because “we know that the outcome of our meetings would yield fruitful result at the end”.

He said the ANPP, like other opposition parties, was worried about the situation in the country.

Onu said, “The party, like other well-meaning Nigerians, is worried at the direction the President is taking the country to.

“The PDP has been in government at the centre for the past 13 years and there is no real improvement.

“This is why we are asking Nigerians to give other political parties like the ANPP the chance to lead them.” Home Page

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