Wild-eyed Gunman Demanding Money At Popular Nigerian Night Spot In Brooklyn

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A desperate madman on a shooting spree in Brooklyn, New York, struck a popular Nigerian night spot late Friday, frightening patrons as he repeated “Gimme the money! Gimme all the money!”, recalled the shaken owner of 9Ja Villa, Carol Emerenini.

Emerenini, owner of the Mill Basin establishment, said security guards saw the thug walk up to them, waving a gun in the air.

The man then “pistol whipped” one of the bouncers and fled on East 51 St., Emerenini said. Local area Nigerians, reacting to the story, responded uniformly.

“It couldn’t be a Nigerian,” said Kayode. “Nigerian’s don’t shoot!”

The gunman then stopped a livery cab and attempted to pat the driver, Eric Martine, down for cash. A quick thinker, the cabby threw a quick punch at the would-be robber but the thug managed to fire a shot, hitting a passenger in the head. The passenger, Nikita Gerbelsky, 23, of Forest Hills, was declared brain dead at Kings County Hospital.

Shortly after, police nabbed a suspect – Michael Magnan, 19 – a youth with prior arrests including drug and weapons possession, evidence tampering and bail jumping.

The incident left his family in shock. “This guy was drunk,” said father Frantz Magnan. “How could he do something like that?”

Magnan has been charged with attempted murder, assault, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal mischief Sunday, officials said. Home Page

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