Worst Nigerian Celebrity Stage Names

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Here’s the thing about choosing a name for yourself when you decide on a career in music: you have to pick something witty like, say… Royce Da 5’9, M.I, or even something bold – like Madonna or  RuggedMan. Just keep it simple and stick with you real name like Omawunmi, R.Kelly, Dare, Ikechukwu etc.

Whatever you choose has to be “cool”, witty (if you’re wise enough), unique, have a clear meaning and, most importantly, it has to blend with your image as an artist (imagine if Michael Jackson called himself “Mr Shiny pants”!).

Unfortunately when you’re still an up and coming act, you don’t have a team of PR/A&R people ready to advise and direct your every career move.

So your options for picking a perfect stage name may not be well advised.

This list in no way is a reflection of the quality of music Naija musicians make – they do make good music. So here we present to you what – in our opinion – are the worst Nigerian musician stage names in recent history:













Now, this one seems like the laziest choice these dudes could come up with! Apparently, they blended their individual names to form the one of the most characterless names ever. Even worse is how convenient it was to break apart their identities when the group split.  

A good group name is supposed to make the acts seem like one unique unit. Kinda like Destiny’s Child, Boyz II Men, Wutang Clan etc.










Modenine is a great Lyricist, Naija’s best rapper, etc… But that doesn’t change the fact that this name has ridiculous origins and, even worse, makes no sense to the common, no-hip-hop-listening-to Nigerian on the street. What is a Mode 9? Wetin dat Wan mean? Is it some kind of intergalactic, mystical hardcore puzzle that we feeble minded humans failed to unravel?



This guy is very talented, he raps, he sings, makes hit music (and silly hair styles trend :)

All right. When you turn your radio on and hear a new rapper hollering “2 CHAINZ!!”, it’s no surprise when you see him in videos and public appearances rocking two diamond chains… Or someone call himself Six Foot Plus and is actually that tall, or a short dude calling himself Lil Wayne, etc.

But this broda! Have you ever seen him rocking anything that can pass for Ice or Bling, or maybe he is talking about Ice Cubes? Maybe he has a castle made of ice, where he is the Prince and has little droplets of ice as servants.  


Ahhhh! This guy is obvious… His first son is named Fryo, so the only logical thing to do was to call himself Baba fryo!














Their names are Peter and Paul, so, naturally, it seemed like a good Idea to call themselves P-Square. However, since it’s obvious that they dodged Math class, somebody should have told them that the correct name should be P-Squared.


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