PARANORMAL: Woman Claims She Was Held Down In Bed By Angry Ghost 4 years ago 17

For 14 years, Elaine Mercado and her two daughters lived in fear of their haunted house. Through re-enactments, "Paranormal Witness" detailed their lives in a home they said at times felt like it was alive.

Elaine and her daughters said they all heard strange voices in the house, and their friend even reported seeing ghost-like figures as well. Then, Elaine had a close encounter of her own that nearly scared her to death.

One night, while she was lying in bed, Elaine was attacked. It was nothing she could see. "I could feel my head pushed down, my shoulders pushed down a little harder," she said. "There’s, like, this angry woman just pushing in on me."

Elaine found out that a young bride had lived in the house before her family moved in, so she called in a medium. According to Elaine, the medium was successful in freeing the home of any spectral presence. Home Page

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