Star Actor, Bob Manuel Ndokwu Angers Varsity Students After He Allegedly Yells At Them 4 years ago 3

Macho actor and popular reality TV host, Bob Manuel Ndokwu got more than he asked for yesterday when he irked the anger of some students.


According to the gist divulged to us, Bob was invited to the school to address the some students of the department if English at the Anambra State University, which organised a seminar for its students.

As a good speaker he is, Bob was said to have delivered a good speech that turned the students to ‘Oliver Twist’. But the prolific actor reportedly spoilt the show for himself when he allegedly shouted at some the female students that surrounded him like bees do to sugar.

This happened shortly after he was said to have excused himself outside to receive a call. The female students, as the source said, wanted to ‘touch the helm of his garment’ and also snap pictures with him with their phones.

But instead of being the ‘good’ and ‘gentle’ actor, he reportedly shouted at them. This, as we were informed, made the students angry and it resulted into him getting the other side of them as they remained cold and hostile to him for the rest of the programme. Home Page

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