Zaaki Azzay Reacts To Wife Battery Allegation, ‘My Wife Stormed My House With Thugs’ 4 years ago 1

Yesterday morning,we broke the story that popular singer, Zaaki Azzay being alleged of wife assault which reportedly led to his wife, Hadiza leaving her matrimonial home with her two kids.












Though, Zaaki initially did not respond to our enquiries made to him over the issue before we broke the news. But hours after we published the story, he released a press statement to us stating his side of the coin.

His release is presented below;

‘For now, I do not want to run fowl of whatever the court ethics are. From my understanding of issues, once a matter is in court, every party strives as much as possible to refrain from making comments on such matters or anything relating to it.

‘I am surprised that Project Alert or whatever they call themselves and the person who ran away from her matrimonial home months back, and who after a few months, came with thugs, hefty looking men in a black unregistered car, beat up my cousin and injured her on her way back from picking the kids from school and forcefully adopted my children, and then went to court after doing that, can now run to the press and post so many statements to tarnish my image on the internet.

‘I am not ready to afford them the opportunity for cheap publicity which I am sure is what they are looking for. A good lawyer should fight his case in court and not on pages of newspapers. I am happy with some of the responses they are getting on the net, Home Page

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