Group Reiterates Call For Lagoon State 4 years ago 0

A group, the Movement for the Creation of Lagoon State, has called on the National Assembly to give priority to the creation of Lagoon State out of the present Lagos State.

Chairman MCLS, Chief Babatunde Benson, said in Lagos on Wednesday that the group had already complied with the National Assembly’s directive for the submission of request for the creation of the state.

He said, “We urge the National Assembly which is the nation’s highest law making body to give our request adequate consideration during the proposed constitution amendment especially as it concerns boundary adjustment and state creation.”

The group’s Assistant General Secretary, Jimoh Sowemimo, said the state would be economically viable if created.

He said, “The only way true development can come to all areas of the state is if Lagoon State is created from the present Lagos State.

“Besides, the Lagoon State, when created, will have more natural and human resources than many of the existing states in the country, especially with the existence of the sea ports, a proposed cargo airport and the several industrial and agricultural concerns in areas covered by the proposed state.”

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