BREAKING NEWS: Bomb Goes Off In Controversial Rivers Banana Plantation 4 years ago 1

A bomb exploded Wednesday afternoon in a banana plantation in Tai local government area of Rivers state that has been a subject of dispute between the Rivers state government and the Ogoni people.

Police who responded to the explosion also say they recovered two other undetonated explosive devices from the site.

The plantation is to be run as a partnership between the state government and a Mexican company, Union De Iniciativa S.A De C.V, and the indigenous population had been accusing the government of land grabbing, repression and plotting genocide against them while the state government had continued to insist that it had paid money to representatives of the people for the land.

In May 2012, a group – the Ogoni Solidarity Forum – had called on the state government to desist from carrying out its intention of collecting the over 200 hectares of land on which they claim close to 10,000 families live, belonging to Tai and Khana local government areas.

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