Legalise Shari’ah, Islamic Scholar Urges NASS

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An Islamic scholar, Ustaz Umar Yakub, on Wednesday called on the National Assembly to legitimise Shari’ah law for Muslims only as part of the ongoing constitutional amendment.

Yakub, who is also a legal practitioner, made the call while rounding off his Ramadan Tafsir at the Kaduna road, G.R.A. mosque in Bauchi metropolis. He said that the incorporation of the Islamic legal system in the amended constitution would guarantee the rights of Muslims to practice their religion unhindered.

According to him, the implementation of full Shari’ah law for Muslims only will not in any way infringe on the rights of followers of other religions in the country. The Islamic scholar urged Shari’ah implementing states in the North to fear Allah by ensuring full implementation of all judgements passed by the various Shari’ah courts since its introduction.

Yakub advised those saddled with the responsibility of implementing the code in defaulting states to resign their positions if they could not implement the legal system. He urged Shari’ah court judges to adhere strictly to the provisions of the Qur’an and other relevant jurisprudence and reminded them of the consequence of tilting the course of justice.

Most of the sentences ranged from amputation for theft and death by stoning for adultery and sodomy. These sentences, handed down by the various Shari’ah courts in the Northern states which introduced the code since 1999, had yet to be implemented. The first case of amputation was carried out by Zamfara State Government in 1999 amid controversy. Home Page

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