5 Things You Can Tell About A Guy By His Driving Style 4 years ago 1

Read on to see what his behavior when you’re driving together could indicate about his personality — and see if you detect any of these behaviors in yourself.

1. He has road rage, yells and curses at other drivers, or he drives too fast: This could mean he has a lot of pent-up frustration to release in his every day life, and needs another outlet to release it. Try talking to him about it or encouraging him to start a new hobby.


2. As soon as he gets behind the wheel or in the car, he gets quiet and doesn’t seem to want to talk to you: Maybe he’s singing along to the music, but he’s definitely tuning you out. Don’t worry, this could just mean he has an otherwise hectic lifestyle and needs a respite from the madness. People unwind differently, and for him, driving could mean relaxation.

3. He suddenly feels the need to talk about relationship issues: He’s had some problems on his mind for awhile, and sees the car as a good place to discuss them, since here, you’re confined in solitude together. This isn’t necessarily cause for alarm — some couples use long car trips for talking about long-standing issues, and it works for them. Just make sure the conversation is productive and goal-oriented, rather than angry and accusatory. No raising your voices.

4. He suggests you drive more than he does: He’s happy taking a backseat in the relationship and letting you be in control. 

5. He drives too slowly, or stops too often at rest stops: He could be indecisive about life, and not goal-oriented about where he’s going. Driving slowly could mean he’s careful, but it could also mean you won’t get to your "destination" as fast as you’d like. This is a guy who needs a lot of positive encouragement. Home Page

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