Youths Express Frustration Over Situation In Nigeria 4 years ago 6

Nigerian youths have expressed frustration over the state of the nation.








The youths, under the aegis of Frustrated Nigerian Youths, at an event to mark the 2012 International Youth Day in Lagos, expressed sadness over the way the country was being run, saying that their future was being toyed with.

In a statement by the convener, Mr. Ayokunle Oloye and National Co-ordinator, Mr. Paul Mbagwu, the youths said the future of the nation was bleak.

They said: “The youths, the hope and future of this nation, are living a frustrated life, which is evident in our day to day activities.

“We have the resources but our wasteful leaders and government have continued to plunder our future and are playing politics to our detriment. We cannot allow these to continue.

“Our educational system is crumbling, churning out graduates who do not fit in the task of nation building. More than 50 million of us remain jobless because many industries have closed shop due to harsh business environment.

“Out of frustration, our youths have taken to crime. Worst still, due to hopelessly, hundreds of our youths are committing suicide on a daily basis, engaging in vices to fill the gaps created by a system that had refused to attend to their basic needs.” Home Page

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