ANPP Blames FG For Olympics Failure

ANPP Blames FG For Olympics Failure

The All Nigeria Peoples Party on Tuesday said corruption and mismanagement is the major reason why Nigeria failed at the just concluded Olympic Games in London.

The party in a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Hon. Emma Eneukwu, also advised President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration to probe the corruption in the sports sector and save the country from similar shame in the future.

ANPP said the FG should carry out a sincere investigation into why the sum of N1.9 billion was disbursed late to the country’s Olympic contingents, as alleged by the National Sports Commission.

It insisted that eminent sports personalities, including past Olympic Games participants should be summoned to a roundtable to discuss what went wrong and suggest how best to move the nation forward.

The party suggested that allegations of fraud, favoritism and foul play by the nations’ sports officials before and during the Olympics should be properly probed with a view to punishing culprits.

The statement reads:

“It is a fact that the Olympics is about marketing culture through sports and showing the world that one’s country is modern and has an unbridled aspiration to greatness. Therefore, in view of our great party’s belief that Nigeria deserves to be the clear and unambiguous leader of Africa, the leader of the black world and a major leader in the world, the All Nigeria Peoples Party was disappointed to witness this abysmal failure.

“We believe that it is a sign of the collapse of the nation’s sports superstructure. Not only is this great nation face-to-face with the heart-rending fact that the government of the day does not inspire the youths, the most heinous is that it has allowed the cancerous corruption in the system to seep into this youth-oriented sector.

“Today, schools are licensed without giving thought to the presence of sports facilities. The talented ones jet out of the country to play for other nations because the government has no robust, private sector driven sports competitions, clinics and projects. Our sports professionals are in despair because of lack of upgrade, equipment and adequate funding as at when due.

“ In fact this government does not have a well articulated and sustainable sports policy that is ambitious and in consonance with international best practices in sports development.”



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