Saintfiet can work with foreign deputies, says NFF 4 years ago 1


THE Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) will not stop its newly appointed football director, Tom Saintfiet, from bringing in foreign assistants to the job, according to

The body has told the Belgian that he could work with two foreign assistants of his choice, with the proviso that the former coach of Ethiopia and Namibia would have a Nigerian deputy, who would understudy him for the four-year period of his contract with the football federation.

Nigerian U-23 team’s former coach, James Peters, has been linked with the deputy technical director role. An NFF source told “Saintfiet reserves the right to bring at least two foreign assistants of his choice. I don’t know if he or the NFF will pay for such but he is told he could bring two assistants at least.

“But the NFF has said his deputy that works directly with him must be a Nigerian, who will learn the curve of being a technical director. Right now, James Peters looks like the man that will get the job of deputy technical director. But it is still not confirmed yet because Tom Saintfiet has not signed the contract.”

Barring any hitch, Saintfiet will officially sign on as Nigeria’s technical director this week. According to an NFF source, “he is expected to arrive in the country this week and hopefully, sign the contract and resume immediately.”

Saintfiet was named Nigeria’s technical director on March 28 in Abuja and will earn a monthly salary of $20,000 (about N3.2 million). Home Page

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