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PDP Denies Fueling Crises In Opposition Parties

PDP Denies Fueling Crises In Opposition Parties

PDP Denies Fueling Crises In Opposition Parties

Peoples Democratic Party has said it should not be blamed for crises in other political parties.

The PDP was reacting to a statement by the Chairman of the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, on Wednesday, in which he blamed the ruling party for the crises in some opposition parties.

But the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Chief Olisa Metuh, said in a statement on Thursday his party was not to blame for the crises. The statement read in part, “The PDP cannot be held responsible for the inability of any group to discipline its members and peacefully organize themselves.

“The fact that fringe political associations have been unable to manage even the slightest disagreements amongst themselves is a clear evidence of their unpreparedness to administer a complex society like Nigeria.

“It only goes to show that the associations lack the basic democratic tenants of sacrificing individual interests for the larger group. We in the PDP are proud of our heritage as a political movement deeply entrenched in the pursuit of the best democratic practices.”

The PDP claimed that it was not ashamed to say it has had its own share of internal conflicts, adding that what set it above other political parties was its ability to skilfully manage such crises and emerge even stronger.

“This is because our members have been nurtured to always consider the supremacy of the Party over any individual,” the statement added.

Metuh claimed in the statement that it was unfortunate that some other political parties get torn apart by internal strife because they were formed to serve narrow, selfish and ethnic interests.

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