Dana Pilot Failed To Follow Routine Checklist, Former Pilot Says 4 years ago 6

In the inquest today, Captain Tito Omaghomi, a former Pilot with the liquidated Nigerian Airways testified that the Pilot of the crashed plane acted unprofessionally by not abiding with routine flight checklist.











Captain Tito, who said he lost three persons to the DANA 992 Crash, testified that the pilot of the ill-fated flight, Captain Peter Waxton, could not have lost both engines at the same time without proper reckoning with the checklist after losing the first.

However, Mr. Babatunde Irukera, counsel to the NCAA discredited Captain Tito’s testimony, asking questions on technical lines which Captain Tito, who had stopped his career with flying in 1991 may not be familiar with in the improved versions of Boeings operated currently.

 Mr. Irukera also threw questions that revealed how the pilot of the ill-fated flight is more experienced than Captain Tito.

Mr. Babatunde Irukera also revealed that Captain Tito’s career ended with the Nigerian Airways as a result of his last trip ending up in a crash, which discredited the capacity of the Captain to fault the activity of the Pilot on the ill-fated flight.

Mr. Femi Falana [SAN designate] pointed out in a circular signed in 1982 by the Mr. Harold Demuren, the Director General of the Federal Civil Aviation Authority [FCAA] now NCAA, which cautioned that airlines to put certain safety measures in place.

 The witness, Captain Tito, who witnessed in the capacity of the President of Concerned Aviation Professionals, attested to the circular and testified that those measures, instructed by the then FCAA in 1982, have still not been put in place by airlines in Nigeria.

 Captain Tito said; “I told former President Obasanjo then that if care is not taken, planes will start falling from the sky, and not more than two weeks after, planes began to fall. Many have as a result labeled me different names, but I still stand by it”, said Captain Tito, who testified that adequate safety measures have not been put up by Airlines in Nigeria, causing flights to be dangerous. Home Page

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