16 Million Potentional Suicide Bombers

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Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo,
of the Kingsway International Christian Centre, spoke on the nation’s current
predicament, security issues and education.

The guest on Channel Television’s
programme Sunrise, on Monday, was Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo of the Kingsway
International Christian Centre. The man of God spoke on the nation’s current
predicament, security issues and education.

The pastor, who made his
name in the UK, stated, “Frankly, the current leaders have fractured the
nation. There are 16 million almajiris today according to statistics because
education is downplayed by parents, their children are put on the streets, and
those who have the wherewithal to change the situation, who are either in
government or have the benefits, only give during the time to give to the poor,
instead of creating systems.”

“There is no adequate
attempt to educate society. If we depend on state schools in the south, there
will be no education. But we have private individuals starting schools we have
churches starting schools.”

“I must not be a prophet of
doom but we are dealing with a hydra, a system that the government does not
even understand yet. When you have 16 million potential suicide bombers, then
you have a serious problem.”

He however suggested ways
through which the problem can be solved. “The Ministry of Education should not
be giving financial allocation to the state government without policing,” he
said. “Anybody, whose child is not in school up to the age of 16 should be
jailed.” Home Page

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