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Two Quack Doctors Arrested In Abuja

Two Quack Doctors Arrested In Abuja

The Health and Human Services secretariat of the Federal Capital Territory, on Wednesday, arrested two quack doctors who carried out a cesarean session on a pregnant woman in Abuja.

Two Quack Doctors Arrested In Abuja










The secretary for the secretariat, Dr. Ademola Onokumaya, who announced this to journalists, said the two quack doctors were operating under Neam Hospital in Kurudu area of the territory.

He said the patients that were operated by the fake doctors had been evacuated to Karshi General Hospital, where they are currently receiving treatment.

Solomon Yehumba, the quack doctor that operated on the pregnant woman and also carried out an ovarian cystectomy on another young girl, when questioned, said: “I did not do it on my own, the owner of the place is the medical director and is the only person that do monitor our work, so we did not do it on our own.”

The other quack, Victor Bakosa, who insisted that he was a medical practitioner, could not give a proper account of how he qualified as a medical doctor.

Dr. Evans Onyekwere, Registrar of the Private Health Establishment, Registration and Monitoring Committee, while narrating how the two quack doctors were discovered, said: “The man that actually did the surgery claimed to be the administrative head of the hospital… by the time we put the fear of God into one of the staff, she opened up and told us the truth.

“They don’t have documents to even show when and where they were trained. The other man who said he was a dental therapist initially claimed to have been trained in Cameroon and couldn’t provide answers when asked of his registration status.”

Dr. Onokumaya advised members of the public to be mindful of where they seek medical attention, while warning quack doctors to stop playing with human lives.

Neam Hospital was registered with the Health and Human Services Secretariat some years ago by Dr. Nyom Tewase, the owner of the hospital.

However, Tewase subsequently employed the two quack doctors to work for him, and he relocated to Nasarawa state.

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