84 Lagos private hospitals to offer free services 4 years ago 23

Private doctors under the aegis of the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria have earmarked 84 private hospitals in Lagos State where patients could get free health care services.

The state Chairman of the association, Dr. Olayinka Oladosu, said on Sunday that the move was to ensure that lives were not lost while the state government negotiated with its sacked doctors.

Oladosu explained that the hospitals were in most parts of the state to ensure that residents did not have to travel far distances to get treatment.

He said the hospitals would offer free treatment only to patients with general hospitals cards.

Oladosu said the association had also provided seven emergency centres in each local government.

He said, “We cannot seat back and go against the Hippocratic Oath that we have sworn to.

“Our colleagues in dispute should be assured that this move is not in any way to scuttle their negotiation with the state government.”

The National President of the association, Dr.Anthony Omolola, said doctors in the selected private hospitals would attend to all cases while complicated ones would be referred to consultants in the public hospitals.

He added that the association took the step to reduce the agony of patients who were traumatised by the strike.

Some of the hospital are Maryland Specialist Hospital, Nusamin Hospital, Ericon Clinic, Havillah Clinic and St. Patrick Clinic. Home Page

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