VIDEO: I Will Shoot And Shoot Boko Haram If They Told Me To Become A Muslim Or Resign- Asari 4 years ago 1

Goodluck will convene a Sovereign National Conference whether he likes it or not,” said Asari with rising anger.

Watch video as Asari expresses his anger over the statement that Boko haram made instructing President Goodluck Jonathan should "become or muslim or Resign"


“because  which president if not for  Goodluck will accept somebody to tell him that become a Muslim or resign. What insult? Is that what prophet Sallalahualihiwassalam did: become a Muslim or this…? If na me, tankers will roll out. Now na Maiduguri it is going, now na Yobe e dey go. I will shoot and shoot till they say what kind of a man is this?”

“You can’t push somebody beyond the wall.  This insult is too much. Did you do it to Abacha? Did you do it to IBB? You see, I see the arrogance as un-Islamic, the arrogance of Shekau and his followers Home Page

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