Traditional Ruler Removed For Sleeping With 19-Year-Old Male 4 years ago 3


The chief of Kyekyewera in the Manso-Nkwanta Traditional area in Ashanti Region of Ghana has been destooled for sodomising a 19-year old man.

34 year old Nana Sampana was destooled on Friday after the Queen mother and elders sat on the matter and found him guilty. The destooled chief admitted the crime, and traditional leaders have begun performing rites to pacify their gods.

The victim whose name is withheld for now said he has been staying with the chief until last year when he fell prey to his abominable sexual desire.

He says Nana Sampana who had been treating him as his own son pounced on him whilst he was asleep in an attempt to have anal sex with him.

He says in the course of struggling to free himself, Nana Sampana discharged semen. The young man says the chief persisted subsequently in abusing him and threatened to kill him through the gods if he ever disclosed the ordeal to anybody.

He says this went on until he fell sick earlier this year and visited the hospital. He told his parents about it as he continued to suffer severe abdominal pain.

Queenmother of the area, Nana Nyako Abronoma, confirms what she describes as the highest abominable offense by the chief against the gods.

She says the family of the victim has every right to seek justice. Checks reveal the family is negotiating a possible settlement and compensation instead of reporting the case to police. Home Page

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