Top Seven Worst Reasons To Get Married

Top Seven Worst Reasons To Get Married

When two people are deeply in love, marriage seems like the next step. But let's not kid ourselves, people marry for reasons other than love every day.

If you're ready to march down the aisle and find yourself wondering what's love got to do with it, return the bridal shower gifts and reconsider. If there's even the slightest reason of doubt in your head, that's probably tell-tale sign for you there.

Here are 9 reasons you should probably call off the wedding right now!

1. To Please Your Parents:

Yes, your parents would feel better knowing you had someone to help take care of you. But enough about you, they really want grandchildren.

2. You're Pregnant:

Finding out you're pregnant is scary. Finding out you're pregnant while single is even scarier. Rushing into a marriage before you're ready almost never had a happy ending. Adjust to your new role as mommy before taking on the added responsibility of marriage.

3. You've Been Together For So Long:

You're dating a guy and it's going OK. He loves you and everything so that's good. Should you settle and marry the guy? All signs point to no if you're heart isn't in it.

4. To Get Out of Debt:

You're drowning in debt and see no way out. Before you marry a man with stacks of fat cash, understand that you can't put a price on personal happiness.

5. Everybody's Doing It:

So everyone you ever met is now married and you're left "singled" out. Resist the peer pressure and go your own way. Love will find you when the timing is right.

6. To Have a Dream Wedding:

The appeal of grand wedding is undeniable but what's it worth without a lifetime of love ahead? Just ask Kim Kardashian.

7. To Have a Baby:

Yes, conventional wisdom tells us, "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage," but maybe you're not a conventional kinda gal!




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