Genuine Muslims Don’t Kill – Sheikh Gumi

Genuine Muslims Don’t Kill – Sheikh Gumi

A prominent Kaduna-based Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Mahmud Gumi, yesterday described as un-Islamic the killing of innocent people in Nigeria through bombings and gun attacks.

The cleric said this during his daily Ramadan Tafsir (Qur’an translation and commentary) at the Sultan Bello mosque, Kaduna.

Citing various verses from the Qur’an, Sheikh Gumi said Islam does not allow Muslims to kill innocent people, irrespective of their beliefs.

“This is why we are of the view that those behind these killings are not doing it because of Islam. Islam does not allow its followers to engage in the killing of innocent people. Even during wars, we are not allowed to torch places of worship of Christians and Jews.

We are not allowed to kill women and children except if they are among those fighting Islam. Therefore, these people killing indiscriminately are just wicked people who have an agenda to destroy our religion and our people. It is important for those in authority to stop corruption and stop imposing themselves on people.

Nigerians should be allowed to choose their leaders. There should be fairness in the running of the affairs of the country, especially in recruitment of uniformed personnel. I was sad when I saw the list of admission recently released by various military schools. Muslims are being cheated and this is part of the things that cause unrest in the society,” Sheikh Gumi said.

He urged Muslims to effectively utilise the Ramadan period to pray for peace and progress of the country.

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