Chidi Mokeme In Rumoured Romance With Habiba Abubakar 4 years ago 142

For those people who are following events in Nollywood, they will agree with me that things are really happening in the make-believe industry popularly referred as Nollywood.









Years back, it was rumoured that Chidi Mokeme was in a relationship with the former Senator and one-time special adviser on NASS issue to the former president, Chief Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo. So pronounced was their relationship to the extent that no party was in town that time that the two estranged lovers would step into together. As at the time of this on-going rumour, the two never gave a hoot about it but another actor, Jim Iyke who, we learnt, romanced the woman after she ‘dumped’ Chidi.

Well, time, they say, heals wounds, but not with Chidi as he waited till this moment to have his own pound of flesh. If you recalled that this informative and entertaining website, recently carried a story on Jim Iyke and her ‘partner, Habiba Abubakar, the stupendously rich woman, married, who invested some millions into a project said to have been introduced by the gangling actor. When the business went soured and the two ‘friends’ went their separate ways, one man that was said to have been behind the whole brouhaha is just married Chidi Mokeme.

As you are reading this, the two controversial personalities are in the news and busy dolling out money, gifts to the less-privileged in the society. According to a brief sent to this office, we learnt that the rich Abuja based multi-millionaire married Hausa woman who invested N16.5m in Nollywood actor Jim Iyke’s Untamed Company, together with her husband, Ambassador Abubakar, and Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme stormed Kano and Bauchi to distribute cash, food items, clothes and other materials to Churches, Mosques and Quranic schools. In Islam this is known as Zakat.

Every year Muslims all over the world remove Zakat (some percentage) of their total wealth — both cash and property — and distribute to those in need. And judging by the amount of wealth accumulated by these property gurus, one can only shudder at the amount of money they doled out this year. Home Page

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