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Jonathan's Lamentations An Admission Of Failure - ACN

Jonathan's Lamentations An Admission Of Failure - ACN

The Action Congress of Nigeria has described the lamentations of President Goodluck Jonathan at the opening of the 52nd Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Bar Association as the most criticised president in the world.

Asking why he was being held responsible for the state of insecurity, power failure, decaying infrastucture even though his administration inherited these problems as an admission of failure, incompetence and unpreparedness to govern.

In a statement issued in Ibadan on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said, “What a nation expects from a president even at a time of crisis are words that will inspire the citizens and give them confidence that the helmsman is on top of the situation and not the kind of words credited to President Jonathan which are only capable of demoralising the citizenry and telling them things are out of control and that he is completely at loss as at what to do.

“Great leaders in the world like Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, JF Kennedy are remembered today more importantly for the quality of leadership they provided their various nations at moments of crisis.

“Even in the face of imminent defeat and paralysing casualties Winston Churchill was still able to inspire and rally his people to victory and faced with Cuban Missile crisis President J. F. Kennedy did not throw up his hands in despondency, the party added.

“Hasn’t anyone told President Jonathan that the buck stops on his desk?

“Hasn’t anyone told President Jonathan that an administration inherits both the assets and liabilities of his predecessor in office?

“Hasn’t anyone told President Jonathan that his responsibilities as President include clearing the mess left by his predecessors in office while at the same time leaving his own legacies?

“Does President Jonathan expect sympathy from the citizens by this open admission of incompetence and resignation to failure?”

The party said what Nigerians expect from their leader “are uplifting words, words of inspiration that can bring out the hidden potentials of its citizens, words that will galvanise Nigerians to positive action and imbue them with self esteem and not the kind of lamentations of President Jonathan that has served only to confirm that the ship of state has no helmsman and everyone is at peril.

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