ACN Tackles PDP over 2015 Poll 4 years ago 1

Lagos State chapter of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has lashed out at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over its recent “boast” that it will capture power in Lagos and other South-west states, in 2015 describing it as the continuation of its “usual boasts of serial failures.”

In a statement by the state’s Publicity Secretary of the party, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, ACN advised “PDP to start atoning to the country for turning a rich and well endowed country into a cringing hell hole where life totters on the brinks after 13 years of unmitigated plunder.”

According to Igbokwe, the recent boast smacks of a “dull rehearse that advertises the abject lack of ideas and creativity for such a party,” saying the PDP knows nothing except to loot the treasury and capture every election via crude means.

“It is not surprising that the PDP is sounding like a cracked gramophone on its elusive desire to capture Lagos, a futile desire that is as old as the life of the tenuous democracy we are burdened with. It is not surprising that each fresh resolve to capture Lagos has been met with more resounding electoral defeat because the PDP thinks that it does not need to work for the hearts of Lagosians but want to capture them through its vile means of stealing every election in sight.

“Because the PDP is daft to the feelings of the people and blind to what makes Lagos unique, it continues to repeat such awkward resolve to ‘capture’ Lagos with each election only to meet more humiliating failures. Nigerians know that PDP does not believe that electoral victory or ‘capture’ as they fondly dub it, go with performance and this is the reason a party that has come to symbolise the grand failure of Nigeria as a nation still talks shamelessly of capturing Lagos, seen a beacon of hope and performance in Nigeria and still keeps a straight face after a joke,” the statement said. Home Page

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