Chaos in France After Workers Are Sacked For Fasting 4 years ago 0

Tensions between French authorities and the country’s Islamic community resurfaced on Tuesday after it emerged that four summer camp instructors had been sacked for fasting during Ramadan.

The four had been employed temporarily by the town of Genevilliers in the Paris suburbs to help run a summer holiday sports camp in southwestern France.
They were dismissed on July 20, the first day of Ramadan, after an inspector visited the camp and told them they were endangering children’s safety by not eating or drinking between dawn and dusk.

Although they were fully paid for the week they had remaining on their short-term contracts, the instructors plan to contest their dismissal through labour courts.

The French Council of the Muslim Faith described the town’s actions as “an attack on religious freedom” and said it was considering pressing charges against Genevilliers council for discrimination.

CFCM President Mohammed Moussaoui added, “Hundreds of millions of people fast for Ramadan every year without it having any impact on their professional activities.” Home Page

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