Texting And Walking: An Unhealthy Habit 4 years ago 0

All over the world, people have come to rely on their smart phones and other handheld devices, made easy by the advancement in technology.


Communication seems to have been made easier with this very accessible devices, thus in a bid to multitask, people have inculcated a dangerous trend in texting and walking.

Drafting a quick message or the quick reply of Blackberry message may seem spontaneous and sometimes irresistible but when people walk in public with their face down, they tend not to see the scenery in front of them and this more often than not could lead to a head on collision or a more drastic incident of being knocked down by an oncoming vehicle or bike.

Texting and walking is as dangerous as calling and driving or texting and driving as a lot of people can’t focus on two things at the same time, thus performance often suffers as attention shifts rapidly back and forth between tasks

Thus in a similar fashion to drivers who use cell phones behind the wheels, pedestrians who walk with smart phones often think they are in control and it’s all the other people just walking who aren’t watching what they are doing.


For Pedestrians: If you must text, stand off the sidewalks and pedestals. Better still, simply make a call.

For Drivers: Fine you already obey the ‘don’t drink and drive’ rule. How about adding this? ‘don’t text or call while driving’. If you must make that call, use ear-piece or connect your phone to your car speakers using bluetooth (not all cars have this function, though).

And, to round it up- If you are riding on a bike (Okada), whether as a passenger or rider, Please do not try to text or make/take a call. You can park for a minute and do this, before continuing on your journey. Home Page

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