Crackdown On Prostitutes Around Olympics Stadium May Reduce Condom Use 4 years ago 4

Clampdown on sex workers around the Olympic Stadium may mean that most of the 15 condoms allocated to each of the 10,500 athlete in camp may have to be used in other areas.

At a major game such as the Olympics, sex itself is an athlete. The organisers may not have created a specific event for it but they recognise that it is a dominant force that has to be accommodated in certain ways. This is evident in the number of condoms already awarded to the 10, 500 athletes in town – 150,000 coming to 15 per head. But there is the indication that some athletes have already started putting the golden ‘gloves’ to appropriate use.

It is not clear how long the saintly goal tender will be able to be a mere observer, and how many other athletes feel the way she appears to do. Curiously, the intra-camp sex festival – sexlympics, if you like – may be compounded by the fact that in the months that preceded the commencement of the games, the police drove away many sex workers around the Olympic camp in East London.

With up to 80 brothels closed, a government initiative supporting East London prostitutes, Open Door, has intervened in the plight of the sex workers. “Some of the women who sell sex have experienced so many brothel closures that they are now working on the street, and that is a much less safe place.”

Unlike in Nigeria where sex workers are still largely officially marginalised, prostitution is legal in the UK. This means that sex workers too were sure to earn from the £13bn that Prime Minister David Cameron has predicted the Olympic Games would attract to the economy in the next four years.

While a media report notes that the Metropolitan Police say the intention behind the raids on the brothels goes beyond the Olympics, the fact is that the prostitutes are only peeping from afar while their darling trade is being coveted within the Olympic Park or stadium. Home Page

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