Jealous Wife Mistakenly Burns $1.2Million Cash Notes 4 years ago 3

A 24 year old tempered woman has allegedly burnt to ashes cash notes of $1, 230, 890, local media reports in Houston.

 The woman who has been on the trail of his promiscous husband for more than a year and also accusing him of secret attempts to file for divorce got infuriated when a secret delivery was discovered hidden in their condo – separated away from their building.

Casey Bullocks, 24 on hearing reports that the husband Andy Bullocks a 40 year old investment banker was hiding secret gifts from a secret lover burnt down the entire condo without recourse to evident clarification.

Local media suggests that Houston police are attempting to reach Andy for confirmation and possible charges to be filed against Casey, who according to police is unsure of the whereabout of Andy since New Year’s day.

"We are still looking at the case as we are unsure of what a huge sum of money could be doing in such a dilapilated building prior to the incidence, investigations are still on and the alleged victim could be the smoking gun himself" a police spokeswoman speaking on condition of anonymity said. Home Page

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