How To Overcome Having A Crush On Your Partner’s Best Friend 4 years ago 6

Being faithful is an important if not neccessary component of a relationship. Here is how to handle a crush that is not supposed to exist in the first place.










That is terrible right? Having feeling for your boyfriend’s best friend or girlfriend. It is one of the ultimate betrayals, but everyone must have heard of such stories before, or probably experienced having a crush on their partner’s best friend. Here is how to overcome such feelings.

1. Just forget it entirely But if you can’t, then do not tell anyone. Some people might think you’re weird. You might earn a bad reputation, or make your best friend’s relationship with her boyfriend and you very awkward. It’s not like lying; it’s just being smart. You can’t lie, if you don’t say anything.

2. Keep reminding yourself It’s just a crush you have on this guy, your friendship is more important and one day your feelings will fade.

3. Watch what you say If you think you have the biggest crush of all time on him, you might suddenly blurt out: ‘I love you’ or ‘Do you want to go out?’, so be careful.

4. If your best friend ends up... Breaking up with him, don’t rush to be the first girl with him. Take it slowly, trust me.

5. Try not to spend too much time with the couple You shouldn’t be doing this anyway. All couples need to be left on their own for some “quality” time, i.e. kissing and stuff like that.

If you’re hanging out with your best friend and her boyfriend turns up, hang out for a tiny bit longer and then politely leave them. If they invite you somewhere, politely decline. Don’t do this all the time though, or it’ll seem rude. Only decline when they invite you to places that could get awkward – like on a walk or something romantic.

6. Don’t get too close to him You and your best mate’s boyfriend or girlfriend might get on really well, but just remember to be cautious about it if you like him or her. Try to stay polite, but not too friendly. Don’t ever be rude though, or you might end up fighting with your best friend over it. Just act polite, but a little more formal than usual.

7. Try to improve your friendship with your best friend

Be as nice as you can possibly be to her, spend loads of time with just her (but not so much as it seems you are taking her away from her boyfriend) and laugh with her. The closer you are to her, the less likely you are to want to hook up with her boyfriend, because you won’t want to hurt her. Home Page

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